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How to Preserve Wooden Products

How to Preserve Wooden Products

We understand that handmade serveware is not as easy to conserve and is also difficult to replace. One of a kind items are ones that you want to keep for as long as possible. 

With Artissanos products, every piece is made from natural and renewable wood (Caesalpinia Violacea) and carved by skilled artisans.

Below are four easy steps to cleaning wooden products:

  1. Make sure to get non-alkaline soap for your wooden products. Check out our list of recommended products below. Non-alkaline products have a pH of 7 or less. For example, traditional soap is generally at about a 9, which is far too alkaline. 
  2. Clean your piece gently with a soft sponge, non-alkaline soap, and water solution to remove grime or grease. It’s essential that you don’t use the dishwasher. This should always be done by hand. 
  3. Once you’ve washed your wooden item, dry the wood immediately with a soft, dry cloth to avoid water damage. Don’t let it soak in the water. 
  4. Lastly, polish with any food-safe oil or wood conditioner often to maintain its natural appearance. Once dry, store at room temperature in a dry location. Avoid placing the item in direct sunlight as exposure to sunlight because it changes or hardens and strengthens the cell walls of the wood.

Wondering what products to purchase? Here is a list of our recommendations:

  • Non-alkaline soap
  • Food safe oil
  • Wood conditioner

Have any other questions about your Artissanos products? Feel free to reach out to us regarding questions on handmade products, we’re happy to help. Stay tuned for next week.

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