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The Hammock Life

The Hammock Life

A symbol of R&R, hammocks have always evoked rest, relaxation, and presence. A staple in Latin America, hammocks have even been modernized by designers to fit in homes and an array of spaces and can be found all over the world.

Hammocks are an invitation to simple moments. Even the busiest minds need to put their feet up and re-focus. Check out the Artissanos guide to simple moments, all of which can be enjoyed on your favorite sling:

Doing Nothing: 


Ah, the simple act of doing nothing. It’s an art that Latin Americans and Italians have mastered guilt-free. The Italians call it, “Il dolce far niente,” the sweetness of doing nothing.

Even if it’s a designated 10 minutes a day, you’ll notice that you’ll start yearning for them. It’s not a type A or type B thing. It’s a human thing. It’s a sweet stop we all need to perform at optimal levels. It may seem less productive than all of your other tasks, but it’s highly useful because it gives you a moment to sit, feel, and regroup. The simple act of taking a moment to do nothing can ease the worried mind and invite presence into our fast-paced times. 

A few add ons to this new little break are: 

  • Play some music without lyrics, whether it’s jazz or spa music, let yourself ease into the hammock.
  • To exercise mindfulness, settle and try to become aware of everything around you. Notice the details, one by one: the texture of the hammock, the view, or something as simple as the birds chirping that have no idea whatever meeting or activity follows. Appreciating each as they are all part of the present moment.
  • Before continuing on with your day, wrap it up with a list of 10 things to be grateful for.

Any of these can be a quick recharge to conquer the day.



Whether it’s 2 minutes or 20, going to your favorite seat (your Artissanos hammock!) for a morning or evening meditation is incredibly beneficial to anyone who practices it. 

When we practice meditation, the brain and nervous system experience shifts which reduce stress and anxiety. Having a specific spot and block of time to practice this can help make your discipline stronger. 

Taking moments to clear that energy and reconnect with yourself is essential.

This exercise trains your mind to be more attentive and aware of the abundance available to you at every moment.

In-Person Chats:

At the end of the day, disconnect. 

It’s crucial to reduce screen time to be mindful of what’s going on around you. Take a moment a few times a week to put the phone aside. Sit with someone close to you and chat away. Don’t look at your phones. Don’t share memes. Don’t answer someone’s else messages. 

If you can remember what conversations used to be like, many of us were forced to describe things, instead of showing them. We engaged in a great deal of dialogue to exchange ideas. We were more present in these conversations, and we only had the person who was sitting in front of us in mind. It’s harder now when you have a world of contacts reaching for your attention. 

Whether it’s a conversation about everything or nothing at all, some of the most natural bonds come from idle banter. Phones down, feet up. 




As mentioned prior, hammocks have always been the poster child for peaceful moments. Everyone needs to have a special place which draws you in and reminds you that the simplest things add a great deal of value and color to your life.


By Artissanos

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