Materials and Care

Materials and Care


Hammocks / Swings / Placemats 

Every component used in our products is friendly to the environment. Each product is unique and has its own flow of color.  Made of 100% cotton yarn. 

For all those products, we recommend gently handwashing with warm water and soap.  Do not use detergent or bleach.  Avoid twisting or scrubbing.  Do not tumble dry. Air dry flat, but not under direct sunlight.

For hammocks and swings use a tub or large sink. Hang the wood spreader bars off to the side when washing.

Packing and shipping may cause temporary creases in placemats. To remove them, back-roll/reverse roll every placemat and allow time for the creases to relax.


Throws / Blankets / Scarves

Dry clean only. 



Rugs are made from natural fiber sisal, with a wonderful woven texture that allows dirt to fall through.

To clean your rug, we recommend vacuuming in the direction of the pile. In the case of a stain, rub with a soft brush and clean with a wet cloth.

Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture. Rotating your rug every few months will help relieve areas from excessive wear.

To remove temporary folds caused by packing and shipping, reverse roll your rug and allow time for the folds to relax.

Avoid direct sunlight and dry immediately any water spillage. 


Wooden Serveware 

Hand wash only. Polish with any food-safe oil or wood conditioner often to maintain its beautiful color. Store at room temperature in dry location. Avoid placing item in direct sunlight