Introducing Artissanos® Natural Rugs

-- Add splendor and authenticity to your home

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The Throws & Blankets:

-- an invitation to cuddle up


The Hammocks and Swings:

-- for your ultimate comfort

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The Scarves:

-- for a sophisticated, warm look


The Placemats:

-- for your holiday table


Be Simple. Live Happy. Mind Earth.

Each Artissanos® product is meant to add life and splendor to the artisan who created it and the home who has welcomed it.

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Designed for your ultimate comfort indoor or outdoor.
A simple invitation to enjoy your moment.
Add any of these handmade sets to everyday entertaining.
Light and easy to carry around and soft enough to cozy up.
The perfect dinner starts with a set table.
Natural Rugs
Our rugs are meant to add splendor and authenticity to your home.

Handmade with care.

We are confident that Artissanos® pieces will be subtle reminders of wonderful moments spent at home, enjoying the simplicities of life.

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5 Quick Tips For Napping

5 Quick Tips For Napping

The art of napping does not come easily to everyone. However, with a newly acquired hammock, there is hope that we all get a few z’s for a quick recharge. Check out some of the tricks we gathered by siesta experts to help you enjoy some mid-day boasts. Timing Is Everything It’s said that we experience a dip in energy approximately 7 hours after waking...

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