Our Brand

handmade home goods 

Artissanos® products represent a better, more connected vision of who we are and what we value as a community.  Handmade products have always carried a charm of their own.  They connect us to the maker's creativity, tradition, culture, and the environment.

Our artisans are characterized by their impeccable craftsmanship to create one of a kind pieces.  Tradition, natural textures, unique designs, and unmatched quality come together to create each item.   

Our 100% organic cotton yarn products are weaved naturally into vivid color hammocks, swings, placemats, throws and blankets.  Our hammocks and slings are handwoven by fourth generation artisan weavers with flawless craftsmanship rooted in their tradition.  

Our serving ware is made from natural and renewable wood.  The bark is conserved during the hand-carving process.  This creates a unique, irregular pattern for each item.  The natural burning of the edges creates contrast and a rustic touch.  After sanding, wooden products are sealed with olive oil to seal the pores of the wood for a polished finish.

Our handmade rugs are made from sisal, a species of the Agave plant.  Commonly used for rope and twine, the stiff fiber is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers.  These qualities make Sisal a preferred material or carpet and rugs and its texture is highly valued for interior design.  Artisans combine colors to create different vivid patterns.

More than just a purchase, each Artissanos® product is meant to add life and splendor to the artisan who created it and the home who has welcomed it. Every piece is made for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment.  We want Artissanos® products to be part of the lifestyle choices you enjoy making. We are committed to our environment and bringing nature into your home. 



-- Mari