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6 Ways To Up Your (Entertaining) Game This Labor Day

6 Ways To Up Your (Entertaining) Game This Labor Day

Yes, it’s true. The end is near, but it’s not over yet. The most exciting part of the summertime is the grand finale. You’ve forgotten all about winter, you got used to the sizzle, and there is a slight breeze around the corner. It’s a seasonal sweet spot so you’ll want to enjoy it for all it has to offer. 

This Labor Day we’ve gathered some of the excellent tips to elevate your entertaining skills before the outdoor festivities cease.

1.Have Lemonade

Every summer, gathering needs a citrusy beverage. Though there are a variety of ones you can try, the musts usually include a solid lemonade or tea. We’ve been looking twists on this summer classic. Check out Martha’s Stewart’s recipe for Thyme Lemonade

  1. Play the Funky Music

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it. Music and lighting are everything. Walking into a well-lit room with easy-going tunes will ease you up in a second. When you walk into a crowd, there is a brief sensation of excitement or dread. Give the group something to ease into. Depending on the crowd; you can check out the following playlists:

Indica + Red Wine

Dinner Party

Cena Latina

If these don’t work for your crowd, feel free to look some up and test them out beforehand on Spotify!

  1. Do A Little Homework

We’ll quote the Barefoot Contessa on this one, “Make food people can eat.” Nowadays, with preferences and dietary restrictions, you’ll want to make sure that all of your guests can have some if not all of the things you’ve prepared. 

  1. Chill Out 

Keep the temperature in mind. The best hosts are the ones that think of everything. If it’s hot, make sure to have the following things ready to refresh guests:

  • Chilled appetizers
  • Beverages on ice
  • Fans!
  1. Have a Plan B

Always have a backup plan in case it rains, or extra people show up. Being prepared will save you a lot of stress. Whatever you put together may not match the original plan, but if anything goes wrong, you will be covered!

  1. Lazy Sweet Tooth

Have you ever been to a summer gathering without dessert? They don’t end well. Entertaining will teach you that it’s not always the best recipes that win the crowd over. Once Upon A Chef’s Summer Berry Trifleere is one no-bake wonder you need to try, and share.

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