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An Enchanting Fall Guide

An Enchanting Fall Guide

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall…” Oscar Wilde. 

What a beautiful thing is it to experience the changing of the seasons. The newness is so enchanting that we unconsciously let go of summer as dive into autumn. 

Of all the seasons, fall is the hardest to miss with its warm tones, falling leaves, and crisp breeze. It’s time to put the tropical cups back in the cupboard and whip out some blankies and candles. 

Check out what we’ll be bringing out of storage this fall:

Clean Scented Candles by ABBOTT NYC

Clean + Conscious, these candles are hand-poured in Saratoga, New York with 100% natural soy wax and cruelty-free oils. Brooklyn based company ABBOTT NYC fills homes with clean scents inspired by escapes in nature. 

Our favorites are:


A mix of mint, ginger, and moss, The Cape is a fresh and cool scented candle, inspired by a winter surfing escape to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 


A rich, leathery and peppery scented candle (with a hint of dried sweet tonka), inspired by the mountains of Colorado. Fill spaces with the smell of suede, sandalwood, and tonka bean. 

The total burn time for these candles is approximately 45 hours. The candles are sold in both glass and tin packages. To boot, each purchase supports a local cause in nature. To learn more about ABBOTT NYC, please visit their website. 

Autumn Recipes

With the changing of the seasons, comes the inevitable delight of new ingredients. This is where social media and the digital era have so much to offer! Take advantage of the many accounts and sources that provide healthy and hearty recipes for your own personal health goals, your family’s meals, and why leave our strutting your abilities in front of your guests?

Enjoy your time in the kitchen by following some awesome Instagram accounts:

  • Arianna Martinez @aribowls (Image)
  • Lucia Lee @foodminimalist (Image)
  • Plantd
  • Plantable @plantable
  • Food & Wine Magazine @foodandwine

Vibrant Placemats

Revamp your table settings with some colorful new products. Our artisanal placemats are made from 100% organic cotton yarn and come in classic tones and vibrant accents. The perfect dinner starts with a set table. Add any of these handmade sets to everyday entertaining.

Happy autumn, friends!

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