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A Tale Of Two Teas

A Tale Of Two Teas

“Would anyone like some tea?” 

Believe it or not, this simple question is music to everyone’s ears after dinner. Ahhh, the possibilities. A list of tea options is one of the simple luxuries that go along way for guests. Having a variety to choose from is exciting for the taste buds as well as the benefits that herbs have to offer. 

Check out two must haves we’ve added to our tea box.

Verveine Tea: 

This fragrant herb is indigenous to South America but was adopted by Europeans in the 17th century. Once the leaves are brewed, this produces a bright yellow tea with gentle citrus notes and subtle natural sweetness. 

Verveine or verbena tea has no caffeine and offers a list of homeopathic benefits. Here are a few that you can share with guests as they select their post-dinner brew:

  • Relieves chest congestion
  • Soothes nerves and increase relaxation
  • Antiinflammatory properties which help reduce pain or cramps
  • Acts as a digestive aid, relieving stomach pains 

It’s properties allow verveine to be enjoyed as the perfect post-dinner or pre-bed drink. 

Peppermint Tea:

Known for its minty flavor, peppermint is refreshing and also caffeine-free. Though popular for its taste, the herbal tea has a long list of health benefits to its name.

Peppermint or verbena tea has no caffeine and offers a list of homeopathic benefits. Benefits include:

  • Relaxes your digestive system, easing pains
  • Prevents smooth muscles from contracting, muscles found on the walls of hollow organs such as your intestine or stomach, relieving spasms in your gut
  • Relieves tension, headaches, and migraines as the menthol in peppermint oil increase blood flow 
  • Freshens breath
  • Unclogs sinuses with its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps with energy, highly recommended for the mid-afternoon slump

Order one or two of these loose-leaf herbs and try them out yourself this Fall. You may stumble upon your favorite tea or enchant one of your guests with theirs.

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