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3 Journals to Buy

3 Journals to Buy

Journaling is important as it allows us to reflect. Scribbling can heal because as we subconsciously try to fill the page our deepest thoughts are revealed to us.

Hammocks are the perfect place for all old school remedies: talking, reading, and writing. The peaceful set up invites us to wind down and be present. As opposed to modern-day activities which are meant to distract the mind.

Do you have a journal? You may and even if you do, here are some great journal options to order online for everyday reflections.

Turtle Journal

If you aren’t big on writing, this is a more structured option that can help you reach a new level of awareness and appreciation in your everyday life.

Meant to help you identify, organize, and pursue your dreams, the Turtle Journal is a great practice for a beginner or professional journaler.

Each day you fill two sections. The morning portion helps you jump start your day and lets you set your intentions. The evening helps you meditate on your efforts, accomplishments, and areas of improvements. You can follow your progress at the end of each week and plan for the next one.

This nifty little tool will not break the bank and works wonders to get you focused. To learn more about the Turtle Journal, visit their website.


300 Writing Prompts: The Complete Self Exploration Journal

If you’re for exploration, this prompt journal can be a writing adventure. This write-in journal sets it up for you and lets you run with your imagination. Let’s face it, sometimes its easier to express yourself by answering a question or with applying some direction to your thoughts.

With 300 prompts divided under a variety of themes, you’ll have enough to flip through the pages no matter your mood. Sections include Creative, Reflective, Ambitious, Nostalgic, Thoughtful, Silly, Romantic, and Blue.

This journal is available in both Kindle and paperback format. Click here to learn more about this prompt journal.


Ahhhh, the classic blank page. Not everyone is up for the challenge, but if you are ready, the Moleskine is the perfect journal for open reflection and spontaneous journaling.

Beautifully made, this leather journal can be the perfect hammock companion and much like the other journals, it’s an activity that won’t break the bank.

The only real dilemma is what color you’ll get it in. Check ‘em out.

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