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Musical Moods for Hammock Entertaining

Musical Moods for Hammock Entertaining

When music is done right, it’s not entirely noticed. It becomes part of the space, blending in perfectly with the moment. For many, it’s easy to figure out which of your playlists to let run, but for those who aren’t always sure, we have a special mix of tracks and tunes to make it look easy.


For The Wine & Dine Crowd:

Summer moods for hammock entertaining

Whether it’s tapas or after dinner drinks on your terrace, if you know your crowd needs some easy listening, don’t fret. The oldies will always save the day. Whoever isn’t listening will be subconsciously delighted, and whoever drifts off will catch themselves singing along. Check out some oldies playlists for your groups of faves:

Rock Suave: This vintage mix has everything from Otis Redding to Bob Dylan. It can go from day to night at the drop of a hat.

Tropical Suave: This tropically rich set has the same chill vibe with some flare--both old and new. Perfect for a day drinks on the patio or watching the sunset on your hammock.


For “Me” Time:

On other days, after the crowds have parted, your hammock and patio will be savored by you alone. There are different kinds of downtime, we know! But we have you covered for each of them:

For Book Worms: Classical music isn’t always the favorite, but most book readers can appreciate the easy mood set in by Romantic Period composer Johannes Brahms.

For Rest & Meditation: If you’ve put your feet up specifically to zone out, this is the one for you. This Spotify Playlist is excellent for yoga, meditation, and a great afternoon nap.

Romantic Evening: If you’ve wrapped up your “me” time and have someone join you out of the deck, this playlist is a favorite for the simple act of doing things, together.

Play the tracks, put your feet up, and be where you are.


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