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Behind Artissanos:  Our Handmade Story

Behind Artissanos: Our Handmade Story

In a recent conversation, we realized that we’d love to share our story with you. Learn a little more behind the Artissanos brand and stay tuned for more!

Q: What was the idea behind Artissanos?

A: We wanted to create a brand of stylized, contemporary, unique, luxury handmade, organic for home decor.

Q: How did it all begin?

A: The idea came about from our creative director after seeing the potential of designing high-end home decor products using natural materials coming from Earth with the impeccable local artisan talent, inspired in connecting two different worlds that could share the same lifestyle with simpler and happier moments.

Q: Your business is rooted in the artisanal community. How are benefiting from the business?

A: A big part of our business is to empower artisan communities so they are able to have better living conditions and enjoy a day’s work. We also make donations to contribute to the upkeep of nursing homes in the area.  

We plan to expand our donations to include sponsoring educational children and young adult programs hoping to encourage them to pursue their talents and skills. 

Q: What is the lifestyle behind the brand?

A: We defined ourselves quickly.

  • To be simple, mindful and going to back to present, simpler moments (#besimple)
  • Live a happy life (#livehappy)
  • Connecting the artisan communities to the rest of the world, transforming these communities by empowering the artisans with a decent job (#mindearth)

Q: What is one thing you learned from this business?

A: We have learned a lot about how intricate the handmade process really is. So much detail and high-level skills go into making these products. Just making a weave of the cotton yarn or carving the wood demands focus.

The creative process and putting it all together requires a team and we’re extremely excited about all we’ve discovered and what’s to come.

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