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5 Quick Tips For Napping

5 Quick Tips For Napping

The art of napping does not come easily to everyone. However, with a newly acquired hammock, there is hope that we all get a few z’s for a quick recharge. Check out some of the tricks we gathered by siesta experts to help you enjoy some mid-day boasts.

Timing Is Everything

It’s said that we experience a dip in energy approximately 7 hours after waking up. If you have a chance to schedule a quick nap on your hammock or office couch after lunch, this might be a great time to plan a refresh. Even if it’s just something that you can enjoy on the weekend, train your body to rest for short periods of time. It may what you need for that afternoon kick.

Skip the 2pm Coffee

When the 2pm slumps surface, most of us go for a cup of coffee or a sweet for some artificial energy. A more natural revival will be to put your feet up and relax. Try replacing your afternoon coffee with a short break. Your body should get accustomed to it fairly quickly and it’ll appreciate the natural boost for the remainder of the afternoon.

Look At It Differently

Let’s define napping. The basic rules include: 

  1. Naps should have a time limit. 
  2. Naps shouldn’t be taken after 3 or 4pm or they’ll mess with your sleep schedule.
  3. Create a peaceful environment.

If you don’t actually doze off, whether it’s 10 minutes or 30, this rest stop will have a number of benefits. You should be more patient and focused after some down time. Most of us don’t get enough of it. We’re either thinking about the next thing or literally moving on to it. Cut yourself some slack, even if its just a few minutes.

Set The Stage

Make sure you create a relaxing environment free of distractions. Remember, the nap is a break from accomplishments. Most of us won’t be able to go home to our beds (or hammocks!), but if you have a quiet lounge area or office space, it’s as simple as closing the blinds and plugging in your airpods while you listen to the sounds of nature. It’ll help you disengage from the endless clutter of thoughts and who doesn’t need that?


We promise this is not another way to spring meditation on you, but adding a short meditative practice to your lunch break is the best way to loosen up and get centered for the rest of the day. You may doze off, and hey, what’s wrong with that? As we’ve recommended before, check out Headspace or Calm to help you get started. 

Not everyone enjoys the pleasures of napping and it surely doesn’t come easily to us all. But if you are eager to add some mindful, relaxing practices to your routine, consider trying some of these tips to your daily hammock visit.

Happy napping!

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