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4 Tips for Better Quality Time

4 Tips for Better Quality Time

A family or group of friends that ___ together, stays together. That’s usually the way the caption reads. 

It’s an ongoing conversation. Our gadgets consume us, and quality time has lost its place. By definition, quality time is spending time together “that is in some way important, special, productive or profitable.” 

The truth of the matter is that none of us are going to give up our phones any time soon, but we can find a place for them while we connect with others. Here are some of the tips that you can try out with your favorite circles to increase some of the quality time together and get back to bonding.

Pick one day of the week

Pick one day of the week to do something together. It may be challenging to get together various times a week, but everyone can make an effort to get together for a few hours. 

One thing you can try to get everyone involved is by giving everyone a shot to do something that they like. It’ll be an excellent exercise for everyone and who knows, you might learn something. 

Limit phone use

Even if you limit it to an hour, make sure that for a certain amount of time, you restrict the use of phones. That way, you all have the opportunity to be present, ask questions, and listen. Some restaurants have a box or basket to place them during a meal or a game to help everyone forget. Whatever works for you, make sure you set a time and stick to it.

Ask everyone how they are

It may seem intuitive, but truthfully, we’re either focused on not revealing anything ourselves or only discussing what’s on our minds. We’re usually wrapped up in ourselves. 

Go around the table. Listen to the little stuff; the nuances reveal what people are going through. 

Limit certain topics

There is a moment for every conversation, and you want to make sure that the same discussions are not coming up every time you meet. Limiting this habit will cultivate new topics and can also relieve stress for everyone in the group. Spending time together isn’t always about resolving issues; sometimes, it is just about sharing time.

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